SSJT, continually updates design standards. We also follow visual monitoring of every step of the mold manufacturing process from designing to machining and finishing to final delivery of molds using Sanko created software for controlling manufacturing schedule.

Concept Development

The information created amid the design stage is crucial, as in addition to the fact that it defines the products, it encourages all the consequent manufacturing process.
We run numerous seats of Solidworks so we can interface with our customer’s different design requirements.
We work with customer consistently, to expand on customer current information, and make a products that lives up to your desires and that we are sure can be fabricated in the predefined volumes.

Analysis & Optimization

we work with 3D models to dissect their quality, at the segment level as well as at the get together dimension, and take a gander at warm investigation to foresee segment temperatures in a wide range of ecological conditions.
Analysing an assembly to guarantee that the required margin of security are accomplished it is vital to have the capacity to characterize the stacking and limiting criteria. The manner by which a part is mounted can hugy affect how it will deform and the displacement it undergoes.

We utilize Moldflow on tasks that will be infusion formed, be they our structures or customer plans. With it we can reenact the manner by which an infusion shape will fill, to what extent that will take and the temperatures included. We can anticipate the area of weld lines for instance, and move the entryways around in programming as opposed to steel, so sparing time and money.

We use our analysis software to manually iterate through a series of designs to find the version that best achieves the desired goals. We have several software options depending on your requirements.